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Start with our new series of FREE online exercise videos for older adults. You’ll find a selection of videos below to get you started. To find more, simply click on the links below each video.

In these videos, our staff will guide you through a range of fun activities, from Tai Chi to dance and even yoga!

Exercise Videos

Tai Chi

Let’s slow the pace from dance and use an exercise technique that’s thousands of years old. If your spirit is aligned and ready for more Tai Chi, watch more videos by clicking here.

Dance, dance, dance

Get your groove on as we use the power of dance to help you exercise. If your toes are still tapping, watch more dance videos by clicking here.


These yoga exercises are great for your physical, mental and spiritual health, and all finish with a relaxing breathing exercise.

To watch Kalyaan Yoga, click here

To watch Svaasthy Yoga, click here

General workout

Work on different muscle groups through a range of exercises that you can adapt to your needs. For more similar workouts, click here.


We’re also now offering Telehealth appointments with our allied health team, including our dieticians and exercise physiologists. To find out more, click here.

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