The Government funding of Home Care Packages assists you to access Home Support Services.

How much of your Total Funding Budget you allocate to your needs is up to you and depends on which services you want to receive and how often.

We can help you set up a personal budget.

We use clear, easy to understand forms to show you how much money you have allocated, and then how much money is needed to pay for your services. This is so you know how much you need to contribute.

We charge a monthly administration and advisory fee.

We send a monthly statement to you, showing you how much was spent each month, what it was spent on, and how much money is remaining.

Southern Cross Care charge up to $500 on discharge for administration and reconciliation of your package however we assess this on a per case basis at the time of discharge, considering elements such as length of stay etc. We will chat to you about this if and when the need arises.

For more information on Government funding please refer to the My Aged Care website