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Our therapy group classes can help you regain a healthy life in a fun and engaging environment. We will work with a range of in-house and outside health professionals to create a tailored program to meet your individual needs.

To find out more information and book an appointment, call 1800 852 772.

Better Balance

Over a 10 week period we’ll help you regain your balance and confidence. We’ll guide you to your goal with a range of exercises and information. 

Balance Boost

This is great for anyone who has just finished the Better Balance class and would like to continue with more intensive balance training.  It is also suitable for those simply wanting to improve confidence.

Aquatic Therapy

These classes are taken in our heated hydrotherapy pool for treatment of ongoing pain. Water-based classes have many benefits over land-based exercising such as easing the pain of weight bearing.

Aquatic Fitness

This program is tailored for people who have minimal limitations and want to work their whole body in a group. We do a range of strengthening exercises for the core, spine, upper and lower body incorporating many fun fitness activities followed by stretching.


Pilates is a form of exercise that incorporates the mind, body and function. You may choose to do Pilates to improve posture, core abdominal and spinal strength and to improve alignment and symmetry within the body.

Stroke Therapy

If you have had a stroke and you would like therapy in a dynamic group setting this is for you. In this 2 hour class, you will work on individual goals such as aiming to improve strength and balance, enabling effective walking patterns and regaining function.

Parkinson’s Therapy

You’ll learn about cues to facilitate movement and function with dynamic exercises suitable for people with Parkinson’s Disease. We’ll also provide information that helps stay better informed about how to manage Parkinson’s Disease.

Cardiorespiratory Therapy

This class provides a safe level of exercises for those with heart or lung problems which can limit capacity. Your confidence and independence will increase, allowing you to maintain functional activities at a higher capacity.

Orthopaedic Therapy

This class is suitable for those wanting to rehabilitate specific joints following injury, joint replacement or spinal surgery. We’ll provide you with post-operative advice, education and stabilising and strengthening exercises.

Better Hands

This is appropriate for people who have hand pain, limited movement or arthritis.  Our wax hand-bath provides increased relief from pain and ability to increase range of motion when performing stretching, coordination and strengthening exercises.

Think Gym

Do you want to give your mind a workout? This class incorporates a range of fun and dynamic cognitive therapy processes within a range of activities to challenge our minds and memory.