We offer a range of group programs designed to give you a greater sense of wellbeing, improve your health and strength and to help in the prevention of falls. Contact us to find out how the following programs can help you.

How to make a booking for a first appointment?

A booking can be made at any location by calling our Customer Connect Centre on 1300 203 077. We will advise you of the first available appointment which is suitable to you, discuss any questions you may have and advise where to park on the day. 


Better Balance

If you have reduced balance, have had a previous  fall, would like more confidence or information to prevent decline in balance and function, this programme is structured to provide a progression of strength, balance and increase knowledge and confidence over a 10 week period. We can also teach you best techniques of how to get up and down off the floor which improves confidence or how to manage if you were to have a fall.

Balance Boost

This is great for anyone who has just finished the better balance course and would like to continue with more intensive balance training.  It is also suitable for those simply wanting to improve confidence.

Aquatic Therapy

You will love entering our heated hydrotherapy pool. The heat is useful for the treatment of ongoing pain and we can prescribe you a program individual to your needs. The buoyancy of the water can ease the pain of weight bearing, assist exercises making it more effective than exercising on land and also resist exercises making strengthening more challenging.

Aquatic Fitness

This program is tailored for people who have minimal limitations and want to work their whole body in a group. We do a range of strengthening exercises for the core, spine, upper and lower body incorporating many fun fitness activities followed by stretching.


Pilates is a form of exercise that incorporates the mind, body and function. You may choose to do Pilates to improve posture, core abdominal and spinal strength and to improve alignment and symmetry within the body. You can choose to do group mat classes, individual mat sessions or equipment sessions on the reformer.

Stroke Rehabilitation

If you have had a stroke and you would like therapy in a dynamic group setting this is for you. With the class being led by a Physiotherapist and an Occupational Therapist for different sections this 2 hour program, you will work on individual goals, perhaps aiming to improve strength and balance, facilitate effective movement and walking patterns and regain function. You can also choose to have individual rehabilitation with you’re your Physiotherapist and / or Occupational Therapist. 

Parkinson’s Rehabilitation

We would love for you to join us in our Parkinson’s Rehabilitation group. This 10 week programme with ongoing exercise component, will work to improve strength, balance whilst along the way learning cues to facilitate movement and function with dynamic exercises suitable for people with Parkinson’s Disease. We do all this whilst making sure there is a strong social component so you can meet others in similar situations.

If you are a family member / carer you can also join in the exercise at a suitable level to challenge your individual needs whilst at the same time at learning tips to assist functional activities at home. Or book in for a massage whilst the class runs alongside meeting your wellness needs.

Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation

Do you have heart of lung problems limiting function? Our Breather Breathers Programme runs for 6 weeks incorporating safe levels of exercise with educations sessions to learn all about your health condition and effective management. We tailor exercise programs to the individual and regularly involve Physicians to ensure we are working within safe boundaries. You will find many positive benefits from working within a group of people with similar health concerns and increase your confidence and independence to maintain functional activities at a higher capacity.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

We have back, knee, hip and shoulder classes we run on demand. These programs are suitable for those wanting to rehabilitate specific joints following injury or joint replacement / spinal surgery. We will reinforce post operative advice incorporate education with stabilizing and strengthening exercises relevant to your conditions. We often work with Orthopaedic Surgeons and under their prescription, especially in the early stages following surgery.

Hand Therapy

This group is suitable for people who have hand pain, limited movement or arthritis.  The wax bath provides increased relief from pain and ability to increase range of motion when performing stretching, coordination and strengthening exercises following.

Think Gym

Do you want to give your mind a workout? This group incorporates a range of fun and dynamic cognitive therapy processes within a range of activities to challenge our minds and memory.



Strength for Life

Are you over 50, fit active and want to attend a regular circuit based exercise class aiming to build and maintain strength. Strength for Life is an hour class developed by COTA, incorporating a social sense of fun whilst working hard to achieve personal goals. Read more here: /strength-for-life

Better Bones

This 60 minute exercise class is suitable for those who have a diagnoses of osteoporosis or osteopaenia or simply want to improve and maintain bone density. Targeted strength and weight bearing training has been shown to increase bone density. We follow precautions and individual limitations identified within assessment to ensure we provide safe exercise prescription.

Active Fitness

This is a 60 minute circuit exercise session that aims to achieve personal goals individual to you. You will move quickly between exercises, building strength, fitness, endurance and challenging balance with dynamic exercises.

Intermediate Fitness

This 45 minute instructed exercise session is suitable for those who are would like to alternate between standing and seated positions performing upper and lower limb strengthening and incorporating challenging balancing exercises in a safe manner at the end.

Beginner Fitness

This 30 minute seated exercise session runs as a small class and is suitable for many individuals who have significant reductions in balance levels and/or moderate loss of muscle strength. Individual assessment will identify your abilities and goals, we can then work towards them within a small group setting.

Zumba Gold

Are you looking for a fun, upbeat dance class tailored for the older adult? Zumba Gold recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity with easy-to-follow choreography that focuses on balance, fitness and coordination.

Tai Chi

Do you have arthritis and want a non impact land-based class that increases strength, flexibility and endurance without causing additional impact upon joints? Tai Chi is a peaceful martial arts class, using fluent integrated movements to improve coordination, balance and awareness of weight transference.

Punch Fit

This is an upbeat programme safely tailored to the older adult. Boxing movements are taught with a goal of improving one’s fitness, strength and reactive responses.

Fit for Travel

This 6 week programme runs across themes of travel, strengthening the body ready for your next holiday whilst giving tips to manage health conditions and common travelers complaints.

Chi Ball Gentle Moves

Do you want to try something different? Chi Ball is an exercise program that incorporates principles from Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Deep relaxation.

By involving all these disciplines, it can help improve your core stability, mobility, concentration and help with anxiety and stress.

Stretch and Flex

The session involves stretching and relaxation exercises (seated and floor) designed to improve posture, reduce pain, less muscular tension and more freedom of movement

Yoga / Meditation

Do you want to de-stress? Do you want to improve flexibility? Yoga has even been shown with research to significantly improve strength and balance with the older adult. All techniques are safely tailored for the older adult and there are a range of options within the classes.



Lunch Club

This programme is for those that simply want to meet and enjoy a tea, coffee and 2 course lunch, interspersed with some social activities ranging from brain stimulating activities, discussions and reminiscence. Choose a lunch club package that suits you together with a fitness or wellness class of your choice and a think gym session for a discounted rate.

Walking Group

Fancy meeting others for a walk and returning for a coffee in the Health and Wellness Centre afterwards. These walks are self paced and coordinated by customers without staff in attendance.


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