Health Education Sessions

Regaining or maintaining your health isn't just about exercising your body, you also need to exercise your mind and stay up to date with the latest health information. 

Bring balance back to your life

Good balance is essential for daily life, from getting out of bed to walking the grandchildren to the local park. It’s never too late (or too early) to learn how to build and protect your balance into the future. Southern Cross Care and the City of Unley are giving you the chance to hear from the best in the business – Adelaide-based Professor Dr. Margie Sharpe. Dr. Sharpe is an accredited Senior Consultant who works in Vestibular (inner ear) and Balance Rehabilitation. As the leading Vestibular Physiotherapist in Australia, she's treated and managed patients with vertigo, dizziness, and unsteadiness for over 30 years. Join us as we put one foot in front of the other toward a rebalanced life by learning about:

  • The vestibular system and its functions
  • The consequences of damage (disease/trauma) to the vestibular system
  • The difference between vertigo and dizziness
  • Common vestibular disorders affecting the inner ear
  • Assessment, management and treatment of vestibular disorders affecting the inner ear
  • Living with a vestibular disorder

Dates and location

When: Friday 23 November from 10am to 11am

Where: Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton

Cost: $5 per person (includes morning tea)

RSVP: (08) 8179 6825

*Transport available from some locations; please enquire when booking