Health Education Sessions

Regaining or maintaining your health isn't just about exercising your body, you also need to exercise your mind and stay up to date with the latest health information. 

Listen to your gut

Your body is constantly communicating with you. Come and learn the language of your gut! Find out how a healthy gut helps you to feel your best.

Date and location

When: Thursday 21 February, from 10-11:30am

Where: The Pines (John Martin House), 336 Marion Road, North Plympton

Cost: $5 per person (includes morning tea)

RSVP: by Friday 15 February on (08) 8179 6825

Healthy Living with Chronic Pain

Manage your chronic pain so you can live your best life! This education session will teach you the following - and more:

  • Understanding the problem of pain
  • Pain and ageing - are both inevitable?
  • The science of pain and why understanding this matters
  • An introduction to The Protectometer - a unique pain treatment tool
  • An update on Osteoarthritis

Date and location

When: Wednesday 6 March, from 12:30-2pm

Where: Carmelite, 7 Spence Avenue, Myrtle Bank

Cost: $5 per person (includes afternoon tea)

RSVP: by Thursday 28 February on (08) 8433 0475

In conjunction with this session is the Pain Management Group:

Do you have chronic pain? This eight-week program is centred on helping you manage pain with Southern Cross Care Allied Health Therapists teaching you the latest and most effective pain management techniques.

You will learn breathing techniques, practice mindfulness, set goals and learn about nutrition, exercise and various therapies. There will also be opportunities for group discussion.

Dates and location

When: Each Thursday, from 11:00am-12:30pm (commencing Thursday 14 March 2019)

Where: Carmelite, 7 Spence Avenue, Myrtle Bank

Cost: $12 per session (includes light refreshments)

RSVP: Phone (08) 8433 0475 now to secure your place

Keep on moving

Healthy knees are essential for your mobility, and allow you to lead an active lifestyle.

If you experience knee pain, it is something you can live without and take control of. Come along to our information session, led by Dr William Duncan and Dr Samuel Benveniste from the Wakefield Orthopaedic Clinic.

You’ll learn all about:

  • The knee, how it functions and how to keep it strong 
  • What Arthritis is and how it’s managed without surgery 
  • The latest technologies and treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical 
  • The ins and outs of knee replacement surgery 
  • How you can ease into exercise with pre and post rehabilitation programs 

Date and location

When: Tuesday 9 April, from 6:30-7:45pm

Where: Carmelite, 7 Spence Avenue, Myrtle Bank

Cost: $5 per person (includes light refreshments)

RSVP: by Tuesday 2 April on (08) 8433 0475

Healthy habits for your core

Bladder and bowel problems affect one in four people. Incontinence is not a natural part of ageing! It can be treated, managed or even resolved. Join us for a series of information sessions to find out how. These sessions are specialised for people 50 and over.

By attending these sessions, you can expect to learn about:

Session 1: Healthy bladder, bowel habits and continence product information.

Session 2: The physiology of the bladder, bowel function and the pelvic floor.

Session 3: Practical exercises led by a Southern Cross Care accredited exercise physiologist and physiotherapist. Learn how to activate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

*Note: Class times available for session 3 include 10.00am - 10.30am, 10.45am - 11.15am and 11.30am - 12.00pm. Please advise upon booking which time you would prefer.

Dates and location

When: Thursday 16, 23 and 30 May (series of three sessions), from 10-11:30am

Where: City Hall - Main Corner, Mt Gambier

Cost: $15 per person for all three sessions (includes morning tea)

RSVP: by Friday 15 February on (08) 8179 6825

Frequently asked questions:

  • I’m not incontinent, would this program still be relevant for me?

Yes, this program is appropriate for anyone aged 50 years and over. The pelvic floor is like any other muscle in the body, it can become weak if not exercised (Use it or lose it). Learn how to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent incontinence. 

  • I cant get down on the floor to perform exercises?

You don’t need to be lying on the floor to perform pelvic floor exercises. They can be done in any position, sitting, standing, lying, brushing your teeth or even driving the car. The instructor will provide suitable options for all abilities. 

  • Do I need to wear exercise gear?

No, you don’t need to wear exercise gear. The first and second session is theory. The third session is practical, wear comfy clothing that permits movement. 

  • I can only attend the first session, is that ok?

Yes, that is ok. However, it is encouraged that you attend all three sessions to benefit most.  Each week builds on  prior learning and gives you the chance to chat with guest speakers and meet others in the community. 

  • Is this for males too?

Yes, males have pelvic floors too!