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Room information

Typical residential room


Bucklands, in North Plympton, offers the very best in residential care, providing personalised support for all residents.

Offering 147 individual rooms, all with spacious ensuites, built-in wardrobes and reverse cycle air-conditioning, we ensure residents maintain the best possible quality of life and are connected to relationships, activities and communities that have meaning for them.



Size 4.3m x 3.8m
Storage Built in robe
TV n/a
Heating individual Yes
Cooling individual Yes
Heating central n/a
Cooling central n/a
Date of construction n/a
Date of refurbishment n/a








The Australian Government regulates accommodation charges for residential care services. Although the Government provides some financial support, you may need to contribute towards your costs.

These charges can either be a lump sum payment (Refundable Accommodation Deposit – RAD) or a regular daily payment (Daily Accommodation Payment – DAP), or a combination of both.

If the accommodation charge is paid as a lump sum (RAD) it is fully refundable, unless you choose to pay other charges from this.

Please call our friendly Care Options team on 1800 852 772 for more personalised information.

The maximum lump sum accommodation charge per person is $400,000 for a single room with a private ensuite (4.3m x 3.8m)

Maximum Lump Sum (RAD) $400,000
Maximum Daily Payment (DAP) $63.34

Combination Option: 50% RAD

Combinaton Option: 50% DAP



The maximum lump sum accommodation charge per person is $350,000 for a single room with a shared ensuite (4.3m x 3.8m)

Maximum Lump Sum (RAD) $350,000
Maximum Daily Payment (DAP) $55.42

Combination Option: 50% RAD

Combinaton Option: 50% DAP



Please note charges valid 1/04/17 - 30/06/17



When you first walk into one of our residential care homes, you'll quickly appreciate why people who live with us love it. Bucklands Residential Care maintains a historical ambience as it is set within the historic mansion built in 1882 by wine merchant AE Tolley.

Bucklands Residential Care provides the high care and memory support services that people trust and our team of qualified staff provide individualised care to suit the level and complexity of your needs.

We offer a broad range of lifestyle programs designed to accommodate your individual needs and encourage you to attend our Health and Wellness Centre to maintain your fitness levels.

There are also many comfortable areas to relax or socialise with family and friends and a well-stocked library.

Each of the 147 individual rooms offer you spacious ensuites, built-in wardrobes, and reverse cycle air-conditioning. 

We provide chef-cooked meals, prepared on site, and can cater for your special dietary requirements.

Southern Cross Care’s whole-person approach means we also cater to your spiritual needs. The chapel caters to all faiths and denominations. Pastoral care staff are also available to provide counselling and social support to you.

If a specific requirement is not listed, please ask when you contact our friendly Customer Connect staff.




  • 147 bedrooms
  • Spacious ensuite rooms with built-in wardrobes
  • Room controlled reverse cycle air-conditioning
  • Memory support unit
  • Long term stay respite care on availability
  • Open lounge areas
  • Hairdressing and beauty therapy salon
  • Chef-cooked meals prepared on site and catering to all dietary requirements
  • Kiosk
  • Library/games room
  • Chapel
  • Landscaped gardens


333 Marion Road

North Plympton SA  5037

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ACATs assess the type of care I need?

Whether you live at home or are in hospital, ACATs can visit you to discuss exactly what it is you need.
Team members simply ask you a series of questions that are designed to determine how much and what type of help you need.
With your permission, the ACAT will also make contact with your doctor. This helps them to gain important information about your medical history, which helps with the assessment process.

What are my rights during an assessment?

- To be treated with dignity and respect.
- To be provided with correct and complete information about the assessment process.
- To be listened to.
- To have someone with you, such as a carer, close friend or relative.
- To have an interpreter (which ACAT can arrange).
- To receive independent advice from an advocate, or have them act on your behalf.

What if Iā€™m not happy with my assessment result?

You have the final decision to accept or reject an ACAT recommendation.
If you are unhappy with the recommendations, it is always best to first talk with the person in charge of the ACAT; most concerns can resolved this way.
If you cannot come to an agreement, you can appeal the decision. ACAT will send you a letter that explains how you, or someone acting on your behalf, can do this.