Time Capsule Ceremony

1 April 2016

Mount Barker Public School officially opened on September 14th in 1877 with 163 students. 

Oakfield Lodge officially opened on February 1st in 2016 and now have 40 residents who call Oakfield Lodge home.

That's nearly 140 years apart. And, you could well imagine a lot would happen in that time. And it has. It would be an interesting history lesson to observe the changes we have made in nearly 140 years. There had been no world wars, no industrial revolutions and no Facebook!

And, while none of the original students would be living with us today, we hope the current students at the Mount Barker Primary School consider Southern Cross Care in their future. Of course, only when the time is right (as we know that may be well away from their thoughts at present).

Therefore, to mark this special occasion and milestone, ie a Southern Cross Care Residential Care site moving into the Mount Barker regional area for the first time, we have worked with the local Mount Barker Primary School, to gather items and memories depicting 2016.

The final time capsule with all the items collected, is to be opened in 50 years, on 1st April 2066!

Presenting items to go into the Time Capsule at a special afternoon tea held at Oakfield Lodge, were around 20 Year Two students from the Mt Barker Primary School and current residents of Oakfield Lodge. They, along with Southern Cross Care Board Members, CEO Mr Andrew Larpent and local Residential Services Manager, Sherry Larson and staff heard some of the stories from the children of what their future self might like to know from the past.

We hope this is the start of an ongoing intergenerational relationship for students and residents.

Andrea Thomas, Primary Counsellor for the School commented they were, "very much looking forward to the ongong activities and couldn't wait to bring the children back once the school choir had got up and running to sing for everyone."

It's just the start of a wonderful connection.


Special mention and thank you to Jade, Joshua, Terri and Rae... for your special part in the ceremony.