A bunch of colourful knitted flowers are on the left with the word SALA at the bottom. You can see the word 'Colour my world' and the Migration Museum, History Trust of South Australia, Arts South Australia and Southern Cross Care Better for life logo on the right.

The Southern Cross Care SALA art projects are a celebration of art and creative expression at any age, encouraging a more positive image of residential care and aged care in general within our South Australian community.

Southern Cross Care is committed to healthy ageing to sustain quality of life. This year with the theme Colour my World, the aim was to investigate the effect that colour and art has with our residents. With the aim or Colouring everyones world at the 2017 South Australian Living Arts (SALA) Festival it is sure to be bright and colourful.  

Exhibition Information

The 2017 Southern Cross Care Art Projects Exhibition will be held at the South Australian Migration Museum, 82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide SA 5000, and is open to the public from 15 August to 24 September 2017.

The Migration Museum's opening hours can be found below

  • Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 1-5pm

For further enquiries, please contact Southern Cross Care via phone (08) 8291 8000 or email sala@southerncrosscare.com.au.


Project Overview

Southern Cross Care arts projects will be led by the Lifestyle team who will facilitate residents to engage in and shape the arts project at their site.  

The theme of Southern Cross Care’s SALA festival arts project is to  ‘colour my world’.  Embracing colour in our lives, and the effect on our emotions.

This exhibition will encourage all participants to draw, paint, sing, create, remember and find inspiration in their favourite colour.  

Creative classes at each home will allow residents to reminisce about their favourite colour, what it means to them and what feelings, emotions and memories it evokes.   

Each site will interpret the theme in their own way and may include both group and individual projects.