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Tuesday 13 February

The Pines Health & Wellness Centre 

Departs at 7.00 am | Returns 3.30 pm


Departs at 7.30 am | Returns 2.45 pm

Your delightful pre-Valentine's Day excursion will begin with a morning tea at the Lobethal Bakery before creating a colourful flower arrangement under the guidance of the talented Brooke, the artisan behind Charleston Farm's beautiful blooms. You'll have the opportunity to pick 7-10 of your favourite flowers, choosing from Cosmos, Zinnias, Dahlias, Sunflowers, Celosia, and Amaranth amongst many other summer blooms. Afterward, we'll make a stop in Woodside, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll down the main street and a delicious lunch. 


Cost $99 Includes transport, Pick Your Own flowers session, lunch and dessert (morning tea not included)


To book now, please call 8179 6825