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Community Foundation

The Community Foundation's mission is to help build better lives free from loneliness and isolation.

Loneliness and isolation are serious issues facing older people in our society, and the Community Foundation is working to address it through a range of initiatives and projects.

Please consider a generous donation to help us continue building better lives free from loneliness and isolation.



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Gifts in Wills

The Southern Cross Care Community Foundation is dedicated to helping older people live better lives free from loneliness and isolation.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Southern Cross Care helps to ensure we can continue to do this important work, now and into the future.

A gift in your Will to our Community Foundation could be made in the form of:

  • a specific sum of money
  • the residue of your estate
  • a percentage of your estate
  • assets such as shares or property

If you already have a Will in place, your solicitor can help you to make an amendment or codicil to make a provision for a specific gift. If you do decide to leave a gift to our Community Foundation in your Will, please contact us to inform us of your planned gift, and any specific wishes you may have. A gift in your Will makes an impact that lasts for generations. Read more to learn about some of the important programs that have been funded by generous gifts in Wills from our supporters.

Simple steps to leave a legacy

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