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Health & Wellness

We offer a range of allied health services including physiotherapy, podiatry and exercise physiology, group fitness, strength and rehabilitation classes, social activities and many more.

You can access these services at one of our Health & Wellness Centres that are located in metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, the Fleurieu Peninsula and Darwin. Depending on the service you require, you may be able to access services from the comfort of your own home including telehealth options provided via the internet.

If you are aged 50 years or over you can access our Health & Wellness services through self-referral, referral through a GP, Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), Allied Health professional, hospital or any community health worker. Depending on the service you require, we may need details of your medical history and the medication you currently use.

In many cases, the answer is yes, depending on your insurer, your level of cover and how much of your cover you have used this year. Just ask our friendly team if you need assistance.

No, a referral from your doctor is not required as we are open to private clients looking to improve or maintain their health and wellbeing. However, our staff will communicate with your doctor and keep them informed of any ongoing management plans.

Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for some government funding, which we can help organise for you. For more information, call 8179 6825.

Home Care

There are three ways to access Home Care services;

1) The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

2) Home Care Packages

3) Privately funded services

CHSP  is for lower care needs, Home Care Packages are for higher care needs, and privately funded services can be for either. To access Government funding through CHSP or a Home Care Package, your individual care needs will first be assessed by a Government assessor. Southern Cross Care can help people to register for these assessments.

Waiting times may apply for people accessing Home Care services through Government support programs. Private services can be accessed without waiting times.

There are a range of eligibility criteria for Government-funded Home Care services based on your age and individual care needs. To find out more please call our friendly team on 1800 852 772

There are a number of factors that will determine how much Home Care services cost. These include whether you are funding your services privately or accessing government funding support. If you access government support, your financial situation will also affect the cost of your services. To find out more, please contact our friendly team on 1800 852 772.

Yes, you can access privately funded Home Care services while you wait for your Home Care Package.

Yes. Anyone receiving a Home Care Package can change providers if they are looking for a better fit to meet their needs. To transfer to a new provider you must notify your current provider and agree on the date that services will cease.

We currently offer Home Care Services in the North, South, East and West of Adelaide as well as the Adelaide Hills, the Fleurieu Peninsula and Darwin. To find out more about our specific services available in your area, please call our friendly team on 1800 852 772.

Retirement Living

Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc (“Southern Cross Care”) own and manage over 30 Retirement Living communities across SA, the NT and Victoria. Southern Cross Care is a charitable, non-profit organisation that has been providing Retirement Living and Aged Care services to our community for more than 50 years. We pride ourselves on the community spirit our residents enjoy – and the enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff in looking after our residents.

Each site is designed for retirees or those over 55 years that are able to live independently. Living in any one of Southern Cross Care’s communities enables residents to enjoy all the normal aspects of living in your own home but without the burdens of home and garden maintenance that are required in your standard residential property. Southern Cross Care is committed to providing all residents with a secure, peaceful, friendly, private environment as a restful setting for its residents.

Residents pay an ongoing contribution to Southern Cross Care. This ongoing contribution is paid as a refundable deposit fee of between $500 and $5,000 when an application for a home is made and accepted. The balance of the ingoing contribution is paid on the date specified for settlement. The amount of the ingoing contribution varies depending on the home size, the number of bedrooms, floor plan style, location, aspect, flooring type, etc.

Nil. This is a considerable saving compared with a typical residential property purchase or a community title. Southern Cross Care is the owner and whilst residents have full occupation rights in respect of their home, there is no transfer of title at the Lands Titles Office and as a result, there is no stamp duty payable.

All residents living at a Southern Cross Care site will occupy their homes under a Leasehold arrangement, which is often referred to as a Licence to Occupy. Whilst Southern Cross Care maintains the title ownership of the property, The Retirement Villages Act and the Residence Agreement protect the residents’ tenure. Your interest in the home is secured by a lifetime lease. The rights and obligations of residents are clearly set out in the lease, and cannot be changed without the residents’ consent. This means that although the residents do not have the title to their home, each resident will have the exclusive right to occupy their home for his or her lifetime if they wish, subject only to certain exceptions set out in the Retirement Villages Act. Continuity of management is ensured by this form of contract.

Yes, in most cases. This is quite common. Our recommendation is to seek an appraisal of your home from up to three real estate agents experienced in your local area, prior to progressing with your application. By doing this you will gain an understanding of the potential value of your home, the market conditions and expected timeframe required to prepare and sell your home. Plus, it will assist you in choosing an agent you feel comfortable with.

Yes, you may choose to withdraw from the arrangements within 10 business days after signing the Residence Agreement, provided written notice is given to Southern Cross Care. Southern Cross Care will refund any money paid by you in full.

The maintenance fee is designed to simplify household budgeting by incorporating many of the typical household costs into one regular charge. Additionally, it also funds the ongoing operation of the facilities

and services provided as detailed in your Agreement.

The fee is levied to meet the cost of:

  • Rates and taxes – e.g. council, water, emergency services levy
  • Insurance (excluding contents) of building, common areas, plant and equipment
  • Public lighting
  • Repairs, painting and maintenance of buildings and equipment
  • Use and maintenance of all common facilities
  • Administration costs – wages for manager, administration, gardening and maintenance staff.
  • Cleaning of common areas, rubbish removal
  • Replacement of hot water services.

The maintenance fee is charged per week and is payable every four (4) weeks.

Residents are responsible for internal cleaning, general housekeeping, personal phone bills, contents insurance, emergency call system (in most communities), and if required, pay-TV and internet services (cabling provided).

Yes, exit fees are payable at all Southern Cross Care Retirement Living communities. As we offer a range of financial models across our retirement living portfolio, details of these costs can be discussed with the relevant Sales Consultant particular to the community you are considering.

Yes, of course. There is nothing to prohibit family and friends from visiting you in the same manner that you are accustomed. Overnight guests are also welcome.  Prior written consent is required by Southern Cross Care if those guests stay with you for more than 10 days in any one-year period.

Southern Cross Care requests you to advise the Retirement Living Manager of your intended period of absence. We acknowledge that the unit is your home, however we would appreciate receiving advice from you, for security and safety reasons, if you intend to be absent from your home for an extended period.

Yes. However, in each home there must be at least one retired person. This means that at least one resident in each home must be at least 55 years of age and be retired from full-time employment.

Your home comes complete with floor coverings; wall oven, cooktop, rangehood; heating and cooling; hot water service as well as other fixtures and fittings as outlined in your documents.

A person may vacate a unit at any time by giving notice to Southern Cross Care in accordance with your residence agreement. Subject to the provisions of the Retirement Villages Act, Southern Cross Care may also terminate the lease, but only if the person breached any of the terms of the lease or if, in accordance with medical advice, the unit is no longer appropriate for daily living.

If the need arises, Southern Cross Care will work with you to understand your care needs and will use our best endeavours to assist you to access support and care at home or to move into one of Southern Cross Care’s Residential Care homes. Any admission is subject to availability, care needs, Government requirements and assessment outcomes.

You have 90 days from when you move in or 180 days from settlement (whichever is earlier) to decide if you like the retirement community lifestyle. If you do not, we refund your money in full, less market rent for the time that you have occupied the villa, and less other expenses incurred by us.

Southern Cross Care has a member of the maintenance team rostered on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year for emergencies. The cost of this service is included in the weekly maintenance fee. Residents are provided with contact details of this service at the time of occupation.

Domestic pets are welcome in the majority of our communities, as long as prior written consent has been provided by Southern Cross Care. The organisation reserves the right to withdraw such consent should such pets cause inconvenience and annoyance to others, and the consent automatically lapses upon the death of the nominated pet.

Firstly we will confirm the expected settlement date. Once this has been provided to you, we will give approximately 120 days to confirm the sale of your property.

Our Retirement Living homes are designed to provide optimal living spaces and are supported by professional interior design expertise to ensure that the presentation suits most requirements. In the event that variations are requested, consideration will be applied and we have an application process that needs to be adhered to. Southern Cross Care must approve all additions/alterations and variations prior to any works being undertaken. All variations must be paid for in full within two weeks of signing the contract, and are not refundable.

Residential Care

Residential Care is for older people who are no longer able to live safely and independently in their own home. It provides age-friendly accommodation, meals and activities, with care and support from qualified professionals 24 hours a day.

We have 16 Residential Care homes across South Australia and one home in Darwin, Pearl Supported Care. For more information visit our Residential Care page.

Our homes are staffed by a range of compassionate and capable staff including Personal Carers, Nurses, Care Managers, Allied Health professionals, Wellness and Lifestyle staff, Chefs, Cleaners and more.

We support residents to be as healthy as possible and enjoy a good quality of life through the provision of high-quality personal care and nursing services, meal services, health & wellness and lifestyle services and more.

In Australia, the cost of Residential Care is covered through a combination of Australian Government funding, and individual resident contributions. For more information, we suggest you read our Fees and Funding page

Yes, depending on availability at each Residential Care home.

Southern Cross Care is committed to protecting our Residential Care community from COVID-19, and more information regarding Residential Care can be found on our Residential Care visitors page.