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Are you looking to prevent or treat a condition or illness? We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your needs, to find out more information and book an appointment, call 1800 852 772.



Help and advice about how to manage your diet and nutrition, and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease.


Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology involves using exercise to prevent, manage and treat complex medical conditions. These specialist exercise programs include exercise delivery, advice, support and a strong focus on successfully changing lifestyle behaviours.


Group Classes

Our group classes will help you improve and maintain your physical health, social health and overall wellness to meet your goals. From strength classes to creative art programs, there is a class for you.



Relaxation and resistance exercise in a warm pool allows your muscles to relax and eases the pain in your joints, helping you to exercise.


Massage Therapy

Regular massage can assist with a wide range of chronic conditions, increase flexibility, improve circulation, reduce anxiety and stress and restore mind-body balance. Our experienced massage therapists work with you to develop a combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques specific to your needs.


Mental Health

Talk to someone about your mental and emotional challenges, and find out what support is available to make a positive change.


Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists can help you maintain your independence by adapting your living environment and helping you manage daily activities. They can also visit your home and workplace and suggest modifications to help meet your needs.



With personalised assessment and treatment plans, our experienced physiotherapists treat both acute and chronic conditions. This may include exercise programs, pilates and group exercise classes and they can also help you develop techniques so you can self-manage your condition.