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Bellevue Court: bellevue.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Bucklands: bucklands.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Carmelite: carmelite.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Fullarton: fullarton.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

John Paull II Village: johnpaulII.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Labrina Village: labrina.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Lourdes Valley Lodge: lourdes.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

McCracken Views: mccracken.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Mount Carmel: mtcarmel.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Oakfield Lodge: oakfield.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Oaklands Park Lodge: oaklands.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Onkaparinga Lodge: onkaparinga.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Pearl Supported Care: pearl.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

The Philip Kennedy Centre: pkc.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

Sandpiper Lodge: sandpiper.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

The Pines Lodge: pines.lodge.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

West Beach: westbeach.reception@southerncrosscare.com.au

More contact details for our Residential Care homes can be found here.

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  • Postal Address; PO Box 155, Glen Osmond, SA 5064 AUSTRALIA

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