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Cooking for one

An educational series for healthy cooking!

Welcome to cooking for one!

Cooking for One is a free online education series about food, cooking and nutrition. The goal is to provide you with easy and healthy meal ideas and information to inspire you in the kitchen and improve your diet and culinary skills. Join us to learn practical cooking and shopping tips to help boost your nutrition, increase food safety, and reduce food cost and waste. Let's enjoy delicious food and nourish our bodies together.

Cooking for one is proudly supported by the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation.

Tasty Toastie


Join us on a mission to cook some easy and nutritious meals.

In this video, we'll show you how to whip up a delicious and satisfying toastie that's quick, simple, and nutritionally balanced. Learn how to create a mouthwatering sandwich while making smart ingredient choices that promote your well-being. Safety and hygiene are our top priorities in the kitchen. Follow along for essential tips on keeping germs at bay and reducing the risk of food poisoning. 

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Toastie - Cooking for one
Fish & Chips - Cooking for one

Healthy Fish & Chips


In this episode of 'Cooking for One'  we reinvent the classic fish and chips, into a healthier, lighter meal option. We skimp on the saturated fat but make no compromise on the flavour!

Learn about the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, the Five Food Groups, the importance of a healthy diet and discover creative recipe variations.

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Chicken Roast for One


In this video, we're treating ourselves to a delightful solo chicken roast and revealing an easy trick for the perfect gravy. Join us as we reminisce about those lazy Sunday roasts and take a look at what a healthy weight means for older adults.

Indulge in the comforting aroma of our roast while gaining insights into maintaining your well-being. Don't miss out on this scrumptious journey, tailor-made for your solo (or duo) dining adventures.

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Chicken Roast - Cooking for one
Veggie Curry - Cooking for one

Very Veggie Curry


Get ready for a flavorful episode of Cooking for One! 

In this video, we're diving into a vibrant and healthy veggie curry that's perfect for weekly meal prep. But that's not all—our dietitian explores the fascinating connection between a healthy gut and a sharp mind. Discover the latest scoop in the gut-brain axis and how it impacts your overall well-being.

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Bold Bolognese


In this episode of Cooking for One, we're serving up a hearty and bold Bolognese that is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

But it's not just about a delicious meal—join us as we delve into the topic of healthy eating for bones and muscles. Discover how the right food choices can fortify your skeletal and muscular health, which is especially important as our body ages. Stay tuned for a fulfilling journey towards better bone and muscle health.

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Bold Bolognese - Cooking for one
Soup - Cooking for one

Super Soup & Bread


In this episode of Cooking for One, we're dishing out a comforting super soup and homemade bread combo that is both delicious and budget-friendly!

We'll talk about the art of eating on a budget while exploring the benefits of shopping seasonally. Learn how to create wholesome meals from pantry staples and stretch your dollar without compromising on flavour.

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