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Another amazing chapter

Another amazing chapter

The remaining members of the Oakfield Lodge Book Club enshrined the club’s legacy in mid-March, unveiling a memorial bench to all club members.

The remaining three members of the club, Ray Stephens, and Reg and Alvina Hewish, said it

was a very important occasion.

“Well I’m thinking of the plaque with our names on it, and those names will be there for a long time to come” Ray said.

“That’s something to be proud of.” “And I never thought I would be this proud,” Alvina said.

Ray gave a speech where he thanked every Book Club member, Oakfield Lodge Residential Care staff and the Hackett Foundation, a SA philanthropic group, who donated the bench, and Kleeman Funerals who donated the plaque that sits on the middle of the bench stating;

The bench is in Oakfield Lodge’s family rose garden, where a range of roses are planted by family members in memory of residents who have passed away. Oakfield Lodge Lifestyle Therapist, Kerry

Tudor said she couldn’t be more proud.