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Bus driver Steve loves getting Out & About, and his clients love it too!

Steve Carter

After a long career as a stonemason in England, Steve Carter has found his calling as a bus driver for Southern Cross Care in SA.

Steve said he loves his job because of the constant interaction he has with clients.

And the clients love everything about Steve - especially his accent.

“Most people’s ancestors are from England so we’ve got something in common straight away there and even if they’re from Australia I’ve got an accent so they like me to talk,” Steve said.

“I say hello in the mornings and I always have a bit of humour with all of them because 90-odd percent of them are quite funny anyway, quite humorous - they always think I know the queen because I’m English, so we have a bit of banter.”

Although Steve drives the bus for all sorts of outings, his favourite trips are Out & About, which offers new experiences and a chance to socialise for anyone over 50.

He said Out & About trips were the highlight of his week because of the variety of the trips and that all-important social aspect.

The day almost always starts with morning tea and coffee, before Steve drives the group to the event of planned destination, then they enjoy lunch, and finally everyone returns home feeling uplifted from the social outing.

Clients often give wonderful feedback about not just the trips, but also Steve’s professional work.

One client, Christa, said,Driver Steve and volunteer Margaret are helpful and caring, what a duo! The outings exceed my expectations, they're lovely days out.”

Her fellow bus passenger Barbara added, “A big thumbs up to our driver Steve. He is the most professional, helpful, supportive and patient driver ever.”

Anyone aged over 50 can go on an Out & About trip, you don’t have to be a Southern Cross Care client. For more information about upcoming trips, and to join Steve for your next day out, visit our page.