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Dom's Caring Journey With Home Care Support

Dom Aloise

Dominic (Dom) Aloise is an experienced butcher with a caring and relatable story to tell.

He began his butchery apprenticeship at the age of 13, when he left school as the oldest of eight children, to earn money to support his Italian immigrant parents.

Having since worked with hotels, restaurants and pubs in Australia and Europe, taken part in the Tasting Australia festival, featured in a video with celebrity chef Pete Evans and having a long association as the supplier of choice cuts of meat for Orlando Jacob’s Creek winery, Dom’s experience is extensive.

He is officially retired now, but still can’t leave the knives alone.

He regularly visits a friends’ butcher shop to “mess around” and have a good chat, while he also has a mentor role with the new apprentices.

“I enjoy it so much that I'm still doing five hours a week and still passing my knowledge on to the younger generation,” Dom said.

Dom is very independent, doing his own cleaning and gardening, driving himself around and taking his dog Benji for a walk twice a day. He also spends time with his siblings, having dinner or going out to a football match.

Dom receives help with fortnightly tidying and home organisation through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. A Home Care Assistant visits to help Dom de-clutter his home gradually as his wife, Anne, has always been fond of collecting trinkets and ornaments.

Dom first came into contact with the aged care sector when he needed to find some support for Anne, who had been diagnosed with dementia. Anne eventually received a Level 4 Home Care Package, however her needs became difficult to manage at home, despite the funding support provided.

The pressure of Dom’s caring role built up to a point where he couldn’t provide all the care she needed anymore. Neither of them were getting enough sleep and when Anne’s medication changed, she had a fall during the night. Dom then reluctantly began looking for residential respite care to keep Anne safe and healthy while he took a break. He still wishes that further support could have been available to help Anne remain at home with him.

“If I could have had someone here when I needed them, right when I needed them, she'd still be living here,” Dom said.

Following her respite stay, Anne continues to live in the residential care home permanently and while it is difficult for Dom to cope with the fact that he can’t provide for all her needs alone, he knows they are both healthier now that Anne has a higher level of care.

He visits Anne regularly in her new home and said she has now settled in, taking part in every activity on offer, enjoying the singing and dancing in particular.

Dom’s caring journey is one that many other carers will relate to.

It can be difficult to find the right support and keep your loved one living healthily and independently at home as long as possible.

Southern Cross Care offers a range of respite services to support carers and clients, including residential respite, day or overnight respite at our cottages, and buddy respite either at home or out and about. We also offer residential respite and permanent residential care for those with higher care needs.

Please reach out if you need support by calling 1800 852 772 or visit our Community Respite page and we can help to find a care option that suits your situation.