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Driving success

Driving success

Southern Cross Care is excited to announce that Altaira is the inaugural sponsor of our Care Car program, helping people stay connected to their local community.

The 12-month sponsorship of our two current Care Cars started in January 2021 and will help to support the ongoing sustainability of this important community service.

Director of Altaira, Jelena Giro, said Altaira is very proud to help the Southern Cross Care community be Better for life.

“We are proud to support the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation’s Care Car program as we

recognise it to be a crucial initiative that helps combat the loneliness and isolation that seniors are at a higher risk of experiencing,” highlighted Jelena.

“At Altaira, our mission is in providing continuity of care with the importance of building genuine relationships and partnerships with all of our clients as we truly value and believe in supporting the

industry and community initiatives. Through our partnerships we can all work together to achieve a high-quality ageing experience for all Australians, and ensuring vital services such as the Care Cars can continue to run is a step in that direction.”

To celebrate this partnership, Jelena arranged for John & Margaret Whelan, residents of Southern Cross Care’s Carmelite Retirement Living to be taken out ‘Cruising with Altaira’ in one of the Care Cars. John and Margaret were taken on a short scenic drive, and then enjoyed a beautiful lunch and VIP experience at Sidewood Estate with members of the Southern Cross Care and Altaira teams.

Starting in 2018, the Care Car program has already completed over 15,000 rides for members of the Southern Cross Care community. 

With friendly volunteers at the wheel, the program currently operates from depots at The Pines and The Philip Kennedy Centre, with future plans to expand the service into other regions.

Rides are available for local transport needs, including trips to and from our Health & Wellness Centres, GP appointments, shopping trips, and visits with family and friends.

It’s designed to be affordable for everyone, including those with and without government funded aged care support.

Chair of the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation, Michele McCormack, said the sponsorship is testament to the strong and fruitful relationship between Southern Cross Care and Altaira.

“Southern Cross Care and Altaira have been partnering to meet the workforce needs of our sites and

services for many years. We are very thankful for Altaira’s generous support of our Care Car service” Mrs. McCormack said.

“This sponsorship will help our Community Foundation to continue building better lives

free from loneliness and isolation.”