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Joan has a flair for hair...and care

Joan White, dedicated volunteer

“I feel privileged to have 84 wonderful friends,” volunteer Joan White says.

She has volunteered at Mount Carmel Residential Care for an impressive 20 years, and counts every one of the 84 residents as her friends.

Although she is a volunteer, Joan said, "I’m so highly paid here - the staff are wonderful, the residents are wonderful."

“Even when they [residents] go to heaven that door closes but the door opens for a new friend.”

Volunteering for her friends is a highlight of Joan’s week, every week.

She said, “I always look forward to Monday. I get my husband into the shower, I tell him to hurry up, I get the washing on the line and rush to be here at 8am.” 

The main role Joan has taken on over the years is to support the site’s hairdressers.

She picks up residents from their rooms and takes them to the salon, and once they have finished their appointment she takes the residents back to their rooms.

While in the salon, Joan looks after the hairdressers’ books to make sure no resident misses out on their appointment. 

She said it is also important that residents are added to the nail care list when they are due for a manicure.

“Everyone wants to go to the hairdresser, it’s like a little activity for them,” Joan explained.

A weekly meeting with one particular resident for a cuppa is also on Joan’s itinerary and she supports the set up of church services, bringing residents to and from these as well.

Joan's efforts over the past two decades were celebrated at a morning tea with Mount Carmel residents and staff. She was acknowledged for all the time she has given with a few gifts, plus the smiles and applause of her friends.

If you would like to take on a role such as Joan’s, learn more about volunteering with Southern Cross Care here.