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Milan's Home Care Allows Him to Continue Working on His Coveted Classic Car

Milan Prochazka with his classic car

“Every Australian boy ought to have a shed.”

That’s the motto that Frank ‘Milan’ Prochazka has lived his whole life by.

First starting his mechanical apprenticeship over 70 years ago, Milan still gets enjoyment from tinkering in his shed in McCracken.

He owned a string of favoured Vauxhalls and one Morris Minor only described as “awkward”.

“That’s one of the things if you’re going up a hill you’ve just about got to get out and push it up the hill,” Milan explained.

“They say the thing you do with them is you put a blanket over the front so they don’t see the hills.”

He now drives a 1966 Isuzu Bellett which has been loaned to him on the condition that it is maintained and driven, and will be returned to the owner when Milan is no longer driving it.

Thanks to Milan, the Bellett has received new trim, white wall tyres, a brake booster, electric ignition, reversing lights and a reversing camera, and whatever other parts could be improved.

All this work is done on his own or with the help of his best friend Lee, who just happens to have a 1967 Isuzu Bellett (which Milan admits has a better engine!).

Milan spent his working life moving around Australia, working on cars, tractors and any other vehicle that needed repairs, and following his family as they moved for various reasons.

He spent 45 years in the Lions service organisation, which he used as a way to make connections in each new community.
Seven Lions Clubs and numerous houses later, Milan wound up living in a house in McCracken, across town from his sister and nearby to Lee.

This house has been his home for 17 years and has not just one, but two, large sheds!

While the sheds are full of bits and pieces, they are certainly orderly and well maintained, as Milan knows where to go to get exactly the right tool for whatever job he is tackling on his car next.

Milan has health issues which impact his ability to do domestic chores, so he uses his Home Care Package with Southern Cross Care to fund fortnightly cleaning and lawn mowing services.

In his words, Milan is “not very domesticated”, so he uses some funds to subsidise healthy meals cooked by a local meal service.

He also visits our Goolwa Community Hub once a week for the Stronger Today program to maintain his strength and mobility.

Just to show how resourceful he is, Milan has set up a few of his own pieces of equipment in his shed, including an exercise bike, resistance band and hand pedaller made out of a toddler’s bike.

His social life is looked after by a daily drive down to the supermarket for a coffee.

“I sit in the mall and watch the world go by, I think for people like me on their own we just like the movement,” he explained.

Then there are the regular outings with the local classic car club as well, which is where Milan gets to talk about cars with fellow enthusiasts and show off his latest modifications.