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National Nutrition Week 2021 - Meet Bonnie

National Nutrition Week 2021 - Meet Bonnie

How long have you been with Southern Cross Care?

I have worked for Southern Cross Care for just over two years.


Why did you want to become a Dietitian?

I grew up immersed in country sport, homegrown food and outdoors adventures which helped develop my strong passion for living a healthy and active life. I fell in love with helping people and so began helping people through working as a personal trainer. I quickly realised how important our diet was in living a healthy and active life which is where my eyes were opened to the huge and amazing topic of nutrition.


Can you explain what you do in your role and how you help our clients?

My role is to apply the science of food and nutrition to help promote health and treat and prevent disease. I help my clients to better understand their diet, health and make changes to better suit their specific needs to ultimately live a healthier and happier life.


What advice would you give people aged 65+ about healthy eating?

As we get older our nutritional needs change. It is really important to note our nutritional needs also vary depending on the individual which is why it is super important to seek professional advice from a dietician. In general it is important older adults eat a variety of foods across the five food groups including ... adequate amounts of protein (e.g. meat, eggs, diary) and energy to prevent weight loss and in particular muscle loss, calcium (e.g. diary products) to promote bone health and fibre (e.g. whole grains) to promote healthy bowel functions.


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