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Oakfield Lodge Residents Parade their Christmas Spirit

Staff and families with the Southern Cross Care bus
Walking in the pageant
The bus in the pageant
Residents on the bus
The Oakfield group

When the Mount Barker Christmas Pageant rolled around recently, a group of Southern Cross Care residents rolled along with it.

The pageant is a major event in the calendar of the town and attracts thousands of locals who take part in the parade or share in the Christmas spirit from the side of the road.

Oakfield Lodge Residential Care residents boarded a decorated Southern Cross Care bus in their Christmas outfits to join in the procession and waved out the windows at the crowd.

Residents were surprised and delighted to actually be in the pageant.

One resident, John, said even though the forecast for the day was uncharacteristically raining and cloudy, the event proved to be a lovely trip out.

"Given the weather it was very very good. The girls did a wonderful job. I was surprised I got to be in the pageant," he said.

The residents loved seeing locals of all ages gathered to watch the pageant and some even spotted their own families and friends along the route.

Staff and their families dressed as clowns and walked in front of the bus to spread even more Christmas cheer.

The staff of Oakfield Lodge found the pageant was the perfect opportunity to involve residents in a community event, which is key to preventing loneliness and social isolation for older adults.

To learn more about how Southern Cross Care promotes healthy ageing and overall well-being in our homes visit the Residential Care page.Image removed.