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Our Stars of the Show Have Been Announced!

Collaborative Star winners - the Myrtle Cottage Respite Team
Capable Star Jason Williams
Care stars Mia Espinosa and Queenie Field
Compassionate star Solange Haines-Monty
Creative Star Christina Apostolidis
Rising star Brody Stone
Support star Carol Bosward
Volunteer Star Gudrun Karschimkus
45 year Length of Service Award recipient Sharon Coppins

Our staff and volunteers who go above and beyond to be the difference in the lives of members of our community were recognised for their hard work at the 2023 Southern Stars Awards.

Many Length of Service Awards were handed out and the winners of the nine categories of Southern Stars Awards were announced, including multiple winners for some awards.

The 2023 Southern Stars Awards Winners are:

Capable Star - Jason Williams, Residential Services Manager, The Pines Lodge Residential Care

Care Star - Mia Espinosa, Home Care Assistant, Home Care Darwin and Marie Queenie Field, Personal Carer, Carmelite Residential Care

Collaborative Star (Brendan Bowler Cup) - The Myrtle Cottage Community Respite Team

Compassionate Star - Solange Haines-Monty, Personal Carer, Bucklands Residential Care and Kieren Wells, Personal Carer, McCracken Views Residential Care

Creative Star - Christina Apostolidis, Advertising & Channel Manager, Peter Taylor House

Healthy Ageing Star - Moriba Kamara, Health & Wellness Promoter, Bucklands Residential Care and Thanh-Xuan(Julie) Ly, Exercise Physiologist, The Pines Health & Wellness Centre

Rising Star - Brody Stone, Exercise Physiologist, The Pines Health & Wellness Centre

Support Star - Carol Bosward, Administration & Resident Liaison Coordinator, Bedford Heights Estate and Wendy Cook, Administration Coordinator, Labrina Village Residential Care

Volunteer Star - Gudrun Karschimkus, Oakfield Lodge Residential Care

A special Length of Service Award was given to Chef Manager of Bucklands and The Pines Lodge Residential Care, Sharon Coppins, for 45 years of service.

Sharon has seen many changes over her time with Southern Cross Care and only recently moved into her current position after being the heart and soul of the kitchen at The Lodge Lourdes Valley for most of her career.

Southern Cross Care CEO David Moran thanked Sharon and all other staff for their dedication over the past year, which has once again thrown challenges at all of us.

“This year we have mapped out a pathway to transition out of the pandemic and into a new world.

“Our staff and volunteers have worked hard to achieve a balance that both protects our residents, clients and community, while enabling them to engage in the social activities which are so important to their health and well-being. 

“I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you for embracing our new challenges and initiatives over the past year. 

“Together we are living up to our Better for life vision, and that is something that we can all be truly proud of.”

For a full list of this year's finalists, click here.