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Meet the Local Heroes Making a Difference in Aged Care


In January, Southern Cross Care launched a new campaign to attract more people into aged care roles that make a positive difference in the lives of our residents and clients.

From television to radio, billboards and social media, ‘Be the difference’ is highlighting the rewarding roles on offer in the aged care sector for nurses, carers, allied health professionals and more, while promoting Southern Cross Care’s promise to employees; Work better for life.

The campaign stars real Southern Cross Care residents, clients and staff, who came together over two days early in January with a world-class director and film crew for the shoot. Sourabh Kumar was just one of the staff members who participated. As it turns out, Sourabh’s heroic story is likely to inspire others to harness their own compassionate spirit and make a difference in the aged care sector.

From car wash to care: Sourabh is dedicated to helping others

In just two short years, Sourabh Kumar has gone from car wash attendant to a valued member of the aged care team at Southern Cross Care. But Sourabh’s passion for helping older Australians has always been there.

The car wash where Sourabh worked was co-located with a shopping centre, which is where he first saw the opportunity to help. “When I visited the shopping centre in my lunch break, I used to see older people who needed some help to walk and do their shopping… I used to think that I could be the one to help them,” Sourabh said.


“Sometimes I used to help them with their bags and have a conversation with them and they always gave me very good advice. Older people have such good life experiences and you can learn so much from them.” It was one incident in the shopping centre car park that really inspired Sourabh to make caring his career. An incident that proved that Sourabh had the compassionate nature it takes to be a great carer.

“I was going to the shopping centre one day and an older lady was parking her car. By mistake she opened her door into the car next to her. The guy from the other car got really aggressive and was yelling at her. That was terrible for me to see.” “I went up and said to the man - how could you speak to an old lady like that? You shouldn’t be like that. It was an accident. I ended up paying $300 to have the damage repaired and the lady was so happy and thankful.”

This natural caring instinct soon inspired Sourabh to undertake formal studies, before starting his new career as a personal carer in residential aged care. In his role, Sourabh supports residents with a range of daily tasks and activities, including personal care, walking, enjoying meals and building their independence and confidence. Sourabh says that he feels rewarded by his job, and is inspired by the residents to do more and be a better carer every day.

“After helping them, when I see a smile on their face and they say thank you, it makes me feel like I want to do more for them… like I want to help them in every possible way. Seeing their happy faces makes me feel so positive.”


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