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Stay independent at home in 2023


Everybody wants to remain living independently for longer, but do you know what practical things you can do to achieve this?

We’ve picked 9 of the best hints from our Home Care staff and clients, and hope they can help you too.

1. Let’s move!
Walk every day for 20 minutes or do physical activities you enjoy to keep your legs and core strong. Exercise positively benefits the mind
and soul, so join an exercise group that keeps you engaged.

2. Be you, celebrate you
Keep your unique sense of self alive. Never lose sight of your culture, diversity or individual gifts or preferences and do what it takes to keep what is unique to you alive.

3. Nurture your relationships
Maintain as many positive connections that you can. Find ways to build and develop relationships every day.

4. Need a hand? Reach out
If you’re struggling with everyday jobs like gardening or vacuuming, there is help out there. Home Care providers like Southern Cross Care may be able to help For more information, check out the website.

5. Get a pet
If you haven’t already got a pet, it’s a great source of companionship and joy. They’re also a very fun reason to exercise, and can really improve your mood. Plus you can adopt through animal shelters.

6. Now we’re cooking
If you can, cook healthy meals in bulk and freeze them for those days when you're not feeling so energetic or well. Using meal delivery services can also assist reduce the stress from shopping and cooking.

7. Safety first
Set up yourself to be safe at home. If you receive Home Care services, talk to your team about a home safety check or an Occupational Therapist review of your home.

8. Technology can help
Whether it’s an iPad for reading novels or playing Sudoku, or smart technology to give you reminders about upcoming appointments,
there’s something for everyone. You can also ask your local council about their free computer literacy program.

9. Be social, be merry
Maintain social outings, volunteering, crafts, interest groups or any activity that gets you thinking outside of yourself or gives back to the community. These will increase your sense of self worth and boost your mood.

With the start of a new year, seniors who are looking to live independently can take steps to make homes safer and more comfortable. Additionally, our home care services can help seniors maintain your independence while receiving the support they need. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the opportunities and resources available to you, whether it's through your community or professional home care services. With the right support and planning, you can thrive in your own home and enjoy an independent lifestyle.