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Vision for village life inspires Jonno into action at The Mornington

Vision for village life inspires Jonno into action

Leaving the family home and his beloved workshop 16 months ago was a big deal for Jonno. But a strong family connection and the stunning amenities on offer at The Mornington in Victoria soon put Jonno's mind at ease. Since then, his vision for village life has made a big impact at The Mornington.

“We knew we had to downsize and I knew of The Mornington because my Mum lived here. I just loved the look of this place… it’s a gem, with its park, trees and the lake. You can tell that somebody has put a heck of a lot of thought into building this joint. The way it’s laid out is just brilliant.”

As much as he loved the landscape of the village, it was the shed that really sparked Jonno’s interest. But it needed someone with energy and vision to bring it back to life.

“The shed was originally set-up about 17 years ago. There was one resident called Lorrie who was the man behind getting it built. Sadly, he got really sick and died just before it was opened. There was a generation of blokes that went through, used it and put their stamp on it… but they all eventually moved on.




“The shed sat unused for some time and became a bit of a store room. It was forgotten. I had a vision for what the shed could be, so I reorganised it and sorted it out a little bit… lined the walls with old wardrobe doors and fence palings… got a couch and a coffee table off Gumtree… put shelves up. Gave it a nice rustic look. I enjoyed doing it.

But Jonno’s vision didn’t stop with the shed, which has now become a community workshop for all residents to enjoy. He soon turned his attention to the village gardens.

“There were four decent veggie patches, but they were overgrown. I’m no veggie gardener, but Lucky (Village Operations Manager) gave me the go-ahead, so I cleaned them up and got them going. I’m no green thumb so I’m handing them over to other residents.”


“I just have an idea and I do it. Lucky’s great ‘cause he backs you and lets you get on with it!”


It appears that Jonno’s infectious energy and enthusiasm is spreading to others in the village, including his most recent efforts to help tame the fallen gum leaves.

“I can’t walk past something that needs doing. The gum trees here are beautiful and I love them but they drop a lot of leaves, so I’ve been raking leaves for 2 hours each morning. But it’s my exercise in the morning… it’s what I do instead of going for a walk. People notice and others are now starting to help. It’s great to get a bit of community spirit happening in our village. Everybody should get involved.”

“When we all chip in and do a little bit, we get it looking nice and create pride in our community.”

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