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Visiting Community Respite is the highlight of Barb's week

Barb on a Community Respite outing

Barb visits Myrtle Cottage Community Respite every Wednesday, but she starts asking about her next visit on Sundays because it’s the highlight of her week.

Barb’s husband Gary is her full time carer and they looked into Community Respite earlier this year, after Exercise Physiology services became physically difficult for Barb to maintain.

Through Community Respite Barb still gets to exercise and maintain her mobility, but she also receives social well-being support.

Barb participates in a wide range of activities at Myrtle Cottage - and she said she loves them all.

Gary added, “Barb comes away from there on cloud nine, even though she's a little bit stonkered, for want of a better word. They keep her moving, not necessarily just physically but mind-wise, and I guess that's what a lot of it's about.

“I did have some sort of private trepidation about it because, and Barb would agree with me, she's not easily motivated. But gee this has really caught on.

“She’s over the moon about the whole thing, she just loves it and looks forward to it every week.”

It’s also clear that interacting with the Cottage’s experienced and understanding staff is key to Barb’s enjoyment of her visits.

Barb said, “The staff there are very caring people, they’re all lovely people.”

With the weekly visits to Myrtle Cottage alongside support from their 56-year-old twin daughters and emotional support from a beloved rescued ragdoll cat, Barb and Gary have been able to continue to live happily and healthily at home together.

Gary spends the five hours of respite every Wednesday catching up on everyday tasks, like the grocery shopping.

He said anyone in a similar situation should “just join in” and give Community Respite a go, because it can make such a big difference.

“It’s just really been a godsend to the both of us to be honest.”

Vacancies at Myrtle Cottage are currently available, click here for more information.