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Volunteers Make the World go Round


Feedback from our volunteers shows the wellbeing benefits of taking on a volunteer role.

In the anonymous 2022 Volunteer Self-Reflection Report our volunteers reported they;

  • Felt able to contribute to the community
  • Felt part of a team and
  • Enjoyed being able to use their skills in a productive way.

The connection that volunteers form with residents and clients is also life enriching.

One volunteer said, “I enjoy my time with residents. It is so rewarding and interesting and the wisdom you get from residents. I am blessed and honoured. Especially with the laughter and smiles you get. You know they had a good time and they say ‘you made my day’.”

Another volunteer added, “I have personal satisfaction as a volunteer with SCC, being able to bring a smile or laughter to a person who might not otherwise [be happy].”

They also feel valued for their important work, with 98.5% feeling valued by Southern Cross Care staff.

“I respect the love and care shown and given to the residents and the activities offered. I also value the support of the staff as we do our role. They allow us to operate as we feel called and show us appreciation when we are able to help someone in a particular crisis,” explained a volunteer.

Volunteers have many skills and life experiences that enhance the lives of our residents and clients.

Right now, our clients and staff are in need of two particular types of volunteers. The fitball drumming sessions which many residents love are in need of instructors and assistants.

You can create your own fitball drumming routines to lead residents in a fun and engaging form of exercise. To see what fitball drumming is all about click here.

We are also looking for companionship volunteers to connect with residents and offer social support. You can have a cuppa and a chat, go for a walk or complete a puzzle together.

All training is provided for both roles, so all you need to do is bring your friendly charm.

Learn more about volunteering and view the current vacancies here.