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Oakfield Rise - Stage 5 & 6

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The next step in your retirement journey

Home is where the heart is and Oakfield Rise is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Adelaide Hills, in Mount Barker. With all its serenity and country charm, yet all the amenities you need right on the doorstep, Oakfield Rise will exceed your expectations of retirement living. Use this page to explore the choices on offer in this community.

An award-winning community

Oakfield Rise is a growing community of welcoming neighbours sharing their retirement journey in stylish and well-appointed villas. The main feature of Oakfield Rise though is the award-winning Community Centre, which boasts open entertainment spaces, a resident-run cafe and fully equipped kitchen, a billiards and darts room, a library and a Health & Wellness Centre. The connectivity that the Community Centre fosters is indicative of the connected Oakfield Rise lifestyle.

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Explore the location, orientation and setting of your new home at Oakfield Rise. Below you can see the Stage Plan for the current stages and the Development Plan for the whole community. These plans also show which floorplans are available for each home.

See the work in progress


Watch the video to see the progress of our new homes. Follow along here for updates on the developing community at Oakfield Rise.

Floor Plan


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Oakfield Rise is designed for retirees or those over 55 years who are able to live independently. Living at Oakfield Rise enables you to enjoy all the normal aspects of living in your own home, but without the overwhelming burdens of home and garden maintenance that are required in your standard residential property. Residents enjoy much more than just their architecturally designed, spacious villa. The communal facilities, are available to enhance general health, wellbeing and social connectivity. Southern Cross Care is committed to providing all residents at Oakfield Rise with a secure, peaceful, friendly environment within a vibrant, social atmosphere

If you would like to secure a villa at Oakfield Rise you will pay an ‘ingoing contribution’ to Southern Cross Care. This ingoing contribution is paid as a deposit fee of $5,000 when an application for a villa is made and accepted, with the balance of the ingoing contribution paid at settlement date. The amount of the ingoing contribution varies, depending on the villa size, number of bedrooms, floorplan style, location, lot size and aspect, etc. With a range of different floorplan styles and facades, prices are also diverse. Each architecturally designed villa has been styled by an interior designer and comes complete with extensive high quality fixtures and fittings, including Smeg and Miele kitchen appliances.

Yes. A 24-hour emergency call system is in place, offering you and your family members additional peace of mind. Your weekly maintenance fee includes the standard provision and monitoring of the emergency call system.

The maintenance fee is designed to simplify household budgeting by incorporating many of the typical household costs into one regular charge. Additionally, it also funds the ongoing operation of the amenities and services provided at Oakfield Rise as detailed in your residence agreement.

The fee is levied to meet the cost of:

• Rates and taxes – e.g. council, water, emergency services levy
• Emergency call system
• Insurance (excluding contents of your villa) of all buildings, plant and equipment
• Public lighting - including streets and Community Centre
• Repairs, painting and maintenance of buildings, plant and equipment
• Gardening maintenance of common areas (including villa front gardens)
• Use of Community Centre
• Administration costs – wages for manager, administration, cleaning, gardening and maintenance staff
• Cleaning of common areas and rubbish removal

The maintenance fee is payable four (4) weeks in advance. The amount of the 
maintenance fee and the basis upon which it is calculated may vary from time to 

You are responsible for internal cleaning, general housekeeping and the maintenance of the rear yard of your villa.
You are also required to pay for your own electricity, telephone, contents insurance, and if required, pay-TV and internet services (cabling provided). As the village grows there will be a range of services available at Oakfield Rise that will be provided on a ‘user-pays’ basis. 

When a resident vacates a villa, the interest free loan (ingoing contribution) made to Southern Cross Care will be discharged by Southern Cross Care, who will pay the following amounts to the outgoing resident or the resident’s estate: Villa vacated during:

Settling-in period 100% of ingoing contribution
First-year *95% of resale price (next ingoing contribution)
Second year *90% of resale price (next ingoing contribution)
Third year *85% of resale price (next ingoing contribution)
Fourth year *80% of resale price (next ingoing contribution)
Fifth and subsequent years *75% of resale price (next ingoing contribution)

The balance of the above percentage is retained by Southern Cross Care and is commonly known as a Deferred Management Fee (DMF) or an Exit Fee.The Deferred Management Fee enables residents to enjoy the lifestyle andamenities of Oakfield Rise without having to pay for them until the villa is sold at a later date. It also means residents have access to more of their funds earlier, rather than committing them to provide for their housing requirements. (Refer to Residence Agreement for full details).


*The following costs are deducted from this amount at settlement.

• A contribution to the Capital Replacement Fund of 1.2% per year, or part 
year, of the original purchase price of the villa (i.e. ingoing contribution). This amount is capped at 12% after 10 years.
• The cost of periodic refurbishment of a villa or the communal areas is funded 
by Southern Cross Care from funds that are held in the Capital Replacement Fund. Residents are however required to reinstate their villa to original condition on exit, fair wear and tear excepted.
• A remarketing fee of 1.5% of the resale price (i.e. the next ingoing contribution) of the villa is payable, to cover advertising, sales agent and administration costs in negotiating the sale of the vacant villa.

Yes. However, in each villa there must be at least one retired person. This means that at least one resident in each villa must have attained 55 years of age and be retired from full-time employment.

Your villa comes complete with floor coverings (i.e. carpets, floor boards, depending on selections chosen); Smeg wall oven, cooktop and range hood and Miele dishwasher; ducted heating and cooling; as well as other fixtures and fittings as outlined in your Residence Agreement.

Yes. Oakfield Rise includes a wide range of in-house amenities and services for you. You will be warmly welcomed and encouraged to make use of these fabulous amenities as often or as little as you like. Our state-of-the-art Community Centre includes a resident-run café, lounge, library, billiards room, craft room and a multi-purpose activity room with wi-fi for gatherings and private functions hosted by residents. You will of course be invited to participate in any activity that is planned by the Oakfield Rise community. A Health & Wellness Centre offers health, fitness and wellbeing classes and services such as a range of allied health services (scheduled fees apply for these services). Oakfield Rise also features several outdoor ‘green spaces’ for exercise, socialising and general enjoyment, health and wellbeing. One of which is a 
community garden being constructed within stages 5 and 6. 

We encourage everyone to continue their usual activities, including entertaining with friends and family as you would in your previous home. There are also many restaurants in the nearby vicinity. From time to time, resident functions are organised, with catering provided at the cost of those participating. Residents are also encouraged to use the café facilities for private functions.

When the need arises, Southern Cross Care will work with you to understand your care needs. We will use our best endeavours to assist you to have priority access to ongoing care in Oakfield Lodge, a Southern Cross Care Residential Care home adjacent to the village, or one of Southern Cross Care’s other existing Residential Care homes.  Any admission will be subject to care needs, Government requirements at the time, assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team and a vacancy. Oakfield Lodge Residential Care also offers short-term respite care (subject 
to availability).

Oakfield Rise residents have vehicular and pedestrian access through secure entrances. Each villa is fitted with a video intercom and access to the village is via automated gates. This system allows remote access for friends and family. Members of the general public do have access to the shared-use path that runs through the village.

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