Humphrey B.Bear is posing next to an illustration of a retro music box and cassettes. The caption 'Put on your dancing shoes with Humphrey' is written in bold above him.

That's a Wrap!

Throughout February and March 2020, Southern Cross Care hosted four major Carnival Picnic’s with special performances from Australia’s favourite bear.

Humphrey performed and appeared at a range of Southern Cross Care locations, in a lively show that brought the whole family together - from great-grandparents to great-grandchildren!

Just like Southern Cross Care, Humphrey B. Bear is a South Australian icon who first appeared in the 1960s. In this magical show, Humphrey and his friends took audiences on a musical adventure through the decades, from the 1960s to today.

Bubbles were blown, games were played and food and laughter were had as we danced and sang our way along memory lane, creating some wonderful new memories at this years’ Fringe.

Here is a recap of the 2020 festivities!