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Our team of experienced allied health professionals works closely together to ensure clients are on their best health pathways. This includes regularly reviewing clients' progress and needs to ensure our service plan is supporting them achieve their goals. Our aim is not only to address your immediate health needs but to also ensure the benefits achieved in our services are maintained to support your ongoing health and independence. We offer one-on-one and group allied health services in our Health & Wellness Centres, by Telehealth, or directly in your home.


With personalised assessment and treatment plans, our experienced physiotherapists treat both acute and chronic conditions. This may include prescribing exercise and developing techniques so you can self-manage your condition. 

  • One-on-one therapy sessions and assessments 
  • Manual therapy and massage
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Dry needling 
  • Education for pre/post surgery rehab
  • Management of chronic conditions
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Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists can help you maintain your independence by adapting your living environment and helping you manage daily activities. They can also visit your home and workplace and suggest modifications to help meet your needs. 

  • Hand therapy 
  • Upper limb rehabilitation 
  • Stress management and energy conservation 
  • Home safety – grab rails, shower chairs, seating, wheelchairs, ramps
  • Management of daily activities- shopping, cleaning, cooking, social activities
  • Assist in strategies to manage cognitive changes
  • Management of personal care activities – dressing and showering
Occupational Therapy

Massage Therapy

Regular massage can assist with a wide range of chronic conditions, increase flexibility, improve circulation, reduce anxiety and stress and restore mind-body balance. Our experienced massage therapists work with you to develop a combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage as below

  • Pain management
  • Relaxation
  • Stress management 
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Soft tissue condition
  • Postural imbalance 
  • Improving circulation
HW The Pines massage therapy

Benefits of Allied Health

  • Physical blue Dot



  • Mental Blue Dot



  • Social Blue Dot



Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology involves using exercise to prevent, manage and treat complex medical conditions. These specialist exercise programs include exercise delivery, advice, support and a strong focus on successfully changing lifestyle behaviours. 

  • Build on muscle strength and function in one-on-one sessions
  • Chronic disease management and pain 
  • Management of cardiovascular disease or heart problems 
  • Falls prevention
  • Address mental health through exercise benefits 
  • Facilitates group classes – e.g. balance, diabetes   
  • Health maintenance
Carmelite Health & Wellness Lady with instructor in gym


Our podiatrists provide a gentle approach to your foot care needs, with footwear education and treatments for a range of conditions such as sore feet, ingrown toenails, painful calluses and corns. Our expertise can also help you with other unique issues such as diabetes foot care assessments and footwear education. 

  • Managing foot and leg pain
  • Reducing of thickened nails
  • Corn and callus removal 
  • Diabetes foot care assessments
  • Foot wear education
  • Orthotics
PKC HW Lady having foot strapped


Eating a well-balanced diet is important to maintaining your well-being as you age. Our dietitians create individualised plans giving your clients assistance on how to manage their diet and nutrition by:

  • Developing weight loss strategies
  • Chronic disease management (including diabetes, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease)
  • Food allergy and intolerance management (including IBS)
  • Gastrointestinal disease management
  • Tips for food shopping on a budget, cooking and eating out and support service information

Social Work

Social workers aim to enable and empower you and your carers with the support and resources required to remain in your home or to consider alternative options for long-term care and accommodation.

  • Emotional and Psychological strategies to better cope
  • Assistance through life transitions
  • Short term counselling
  • Short Term problem solving 
  • Assistance with relationship difficulties
  • Strengthening connections with community
Social worker helper


There are two primary ways to access our services:

  • Privately funded services – No eligibility requirements and can be accessed immediately as needed
  • Australian Government-supported services – Assessment and eligibility requirements apply – waiting times and/or service limits may apply
    • My Aged Care
      • Home Care Packages (HCP)
      • Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
    • Medicare Benefits Scheme / Chronic Disease Management Plan (MBS / CDMP)
    • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
    • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Exercise Physiologists treat patients using clinical exercise interventions and programs as their primary modality. In contrast, Physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and manage injuries, disabilities and pain with hands-on treatment and exercise prescription.

We offer a Care Car service that supports clients' local transport needs, including trips to and from Southern Cross Care’s Community Health & Wellness Centres. All Care Car vehicles have a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and are fitted with first aid kits and mobile phones and the drivers have RAA training. Care Car ride fees are based on the distance of the pick-up and/or drop-off location from the Southern Cross Care Community Health & Wellness Centres (Depot) at The Pines, North Plympton or The Phillip Kennedy Centre, Largs Bay. Visit our Care car page for more information - Click here

We offer a range of group classes across our sites for more information and timetables visit -


Allied Health

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