Our Internal Grants Program has become, and will continue to be, the cornerstone of ‘giving’ and the heart of why we created the Community Foundation. It has brought a meaningful, day in day out reality to the fundraising activities and events we undertake as an organisation.

The Southern Cross Care Community Foundation Internal Grants Program commenced in September 2015 and we have now successfully awarded three rounds of internal funding grants.

While our residents cherish their bus trips, and we have now been able to purchase four buses covering all areas of metropolitan Adelaide, they are simply delighted with the additional programs and activities we can provide for them through the grants. Fourteen grants were approved in our first year with funded projects supported such as art workshops, a fishing program, new IT hubs, music equipment and the list goes on.

The good news is, by sharing the stories of how the program has enriched the lives of our older Australians, we have seen an increase in response to our donation appeals!