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Our community

Moving into a Retirement Living community is a big step. Before you decide whether Retirement Living is right for you, and what village you want to live in, you may be wondering what it is like living in one of our communities. Southern Cross Care's retirement communities are diverse, but we all have one thing in common; a vision to be Better for life. There are several ways we support our community to achieve this vision.

Community Spirit

In Retirement Living, your neighbours are in the same stage of life as you, which gives you access to a welcoming support network to share in your retirement journey. This shared experience offers friendship, companionship and security as you all look out for each other. If you are a more private person you can still maintain your privacy as you wish, because you are living in your own home, and you always have a choice in how involved you want to be in the community. Regardless of your level of social needs, you will always find a strong community spirit in our retirement villages.


Retirement Village in Adelaide

Community facilities

Every Retirement Living location run by Southern Cross Care has village gardens which give your home environment a fresh and natural feel, but are maintained by our staff so you don’t have to put in the effort to keep them looking well-manicured. Most of our retirement villages also have community centres with spaces for residents to gather and use for events or entertainment. Some of these centres include kitchens, libraries, billiards rooms and gyms. You can use these facilities with neighbours, during events or to socialise with friends and families from outside your village. Or, if you prefer not to socialise you can use these facilities at off-peak times and have a quiet moment to yourself.



Residents' Committees

Many of our Retirement Living communities have Residents' Committees. These are a great way for you to have a say in the way things are run. Residents' Committees are also involved in choosing and planning events for the community to enjoy, plus they are an ideal way to meet and socialise with your neighbours. We also work with Residents' Committees for feedback on how the village is being managed and changes that may occur.



Healthy-ageing services

While you might not need any support when you move in, Southern Cross Care’s Retirement Living communities give you easy access to Home Care services, to help you live Better for life, at home. A number of our retirement villages are co-located with Health & Wellness Centres where you can attend exercise classes and one-on-one allied health sessions to keep you independent and mobile. Several of our locations are also co-located with Residential Care homes so you can feel comfortable that if you ever need a higher level of care you will not have to leave the local area.



Refer a friend

Southern Cross Care has a refer-a-friend program that benefits residents and their friends. Turn the best decision you ever made into the best advice you ever gave - refer a friend to live in one of our retirement communities and both you and your friend will be rewarded with a $500 gift voucher after they move in.