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Online Services

Improve your health and well-being through online services

Stay healthy at home

We offer a range of online services to help you improve your health and well-being from the comfort of your own home. From Telehealth consultations with qualified allied health professionals, to the Better for life in Country SA Program supporting people who live in regional and remote areas. We also offer a range of free online videos and resources, so you can get started today.



Better for Life in Country SA

Better for Life in Country SA

Cooking for one

The free Cooking for one series gives you the tools to create delicious meals that will satisfy and nourish your body. This series includes video tutorials on cooking, food safety, nutrition and budget meals guided by our expert dietitian. You can download free recipe cards and nutrition factsheets to understand what fuels your body. Unlock flavour, nutrition and savings!

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Southern Cross Care offers telehealth for a range of allied health services. This includes online group exercise classes with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, a program specifically targeted at people living in regional SA with impacted access to face-to-face health and well-being services, and a range of free videos to help you be Better for life.

All Southern Cross Care services, including those delivered online, are designed for older Australians aged around 65+. We tailor the services to suit your goals and needs, no matter whether you are recovering from an injury or illness or simply want a more active life.

At Southern Cross Care we believe that every person has the right to experience a good quality of life. We believe that no matter where you come from, life can always be better. That's why our vision is to support members of our community to be Better for life.

To achieve our vision, we embed healthy and active ageing principles into all of our services, continuously improve our practice based on current evidence, and deliver our mission to be health promoting, person centred, age friendly, informed and proactive. This is the same for our online services, which help people to be Better for life in their own homes.